Study: ‘green’ biofuels could be costing the earth

From the University of Leicester  department of inconvenient truths:

Caption: Conditions at a mature oil palm plantation site, 18 years after conversion: (left image) open canopy (causing increased soil temperatures), limited ground cover (causing lowered soil moisture content), intensive fertilization (white patches around palm trunks), and (right image) a loose top soil structure (leaning oil palms, footprints).

New study suggests EU biofuels are as carbon intensive as petrol

University of Leicester research into greenhouse gas emissions from oil palm plantations provides robust measures now being used to inform international policies on greenhouse gas emissions

A new study on greenhouse gas emissions from oil palm plantations has calculated a more than 50% increase in levels of CO2 emissions than previously thought – and warned that the demand for ‘green’ biofuels could be costing the earth.

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