The 4 legged AGW table

Josh of Cartoons By Josh writes:

Kevin Anderson’s post at Bishop Hill intrigued me.

He came up with 4 simple theoretical ‘legs’ upon which to launch his clear view that
Anthropogenic Global Warming was serious and needed immediate attention.
A year ago I would have agreed (hey, lots of us did, ‘cos ‘they’ said it was all true!)

A year on and the picture does not look so clear: subterfuge, lost data, no data,
no warming, false predicitions, misinformation, fudged inqiries, bad science, no science.
It may look clear to Kev, but for the ordinary chap like me it all looks more shoogly than ever.

This cartoon is an attempt to show that – no doubt with huge scientific inaccuracies and
misrepresentations. So take aim, fire and give me your best shot.
I am happy to change this cartoon to make it better!