CNN’s Jack Cafferty asks for climate feedback

FROM CNN’s Jack Cafferty:

As the debate continues about global warming, the month of December was the 14th coldest in 115 years in the United States… and some scientists insist the earth is entering a cooling trend.

  • Wind chills brought temperatures in the Dakotas to 50 degrees below zero, while record cold in parts of Florida is damaging some of the orange crops, and South Carolina called an early end to shrimping season.
  • Parts of Canada have seen actual temperatures of 30 below zero… And freezing temperatures and record snowfalls are pounding parts of Asia and Europe too.
  • Britain has experienced the worst snowfalls in half a century.
  • In India – it’s estimated at least 100 people have died due to the cold temperatures… with dozens more killed in Bangladesh.
  • In China and South Korea, heavy snow and unusually cold weather have brought chaos to travelers – blocking roads and trains, canceling flights. After one recent blizzard in Beijing – officials had more than 300-thousand people clearing the streets.

Meanwhile some of the world’s top climate scientists suggest this winter is only the start of a worldwide trend toward cooler weather, which could last for 20 to 30 years. They base their predictions on changes in water temperatures in the oceans.

The scientists say much of the global warming in the last century was actually caused by these oceanic cycles when they were in a “warm mode”… as opposed to the current “cold mode.” They suggest there will be cooler summers ahead too.

It’s the kind of research that could undermine lots of what we’ve been told about the warming of the Earth being caused only by man-made greenhouse gas emissions.

Here’s my question to you: How has this winter affected your belief in global warming?