this year, there was an exceptional amount of ice –

“…this year, there was an exceptional amount of ice -”

8 08 2008

Click for larger image – Polarstern am Eisrand vor Nordost-Grönland
Photo: Martin Graeve, Alfred-Wegener-Institut

August 7-08 press release on work done from MV Polarstern in the northern Greenland Sea (between Svalbard and NE Greenland):

from Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI):

a few excerpts, my abbreviated translation:

“this year, there was an exceptional amount of ice – according to expedition leader Prof. Gerhard Kattner. The extent reached from the high North southward to 74 degrees latitude. The main objective of the research cruise was to check 17 moorings with instruments that monitor temperature, salinity and currents of the water masses. AWI has been carrying out these unique high-latitude investigations since 1999. Observed 2008 temperatures are slightly lower than 2006 measurements, and there are preliminary indications of a return of the pacific water mass signature, which has been absent since 2004″

h/t to: Ulrich Lobsiger for the link and translation