A review of the major global temperature metrics for April 2008: Still globally cooler than 1 year ago

Here is a review of the major global temperature metrics in tabular and graph form. There is a bit of disagreement this month. GISS still comes out the warmest, as it did last month, and the month before, and there is a bit of divergence between the RSS and UAH satelitte derived datasets.

I’m a little late to this game as I’ve been busy catching up on personal business since my trip to NCDC Asheville and 20 station survey across North Carolina, but I thought it was worth a review.

RSS (Remote Sensing Systems of Santa Rosa, CA) RSS Microwave Sounder Unit (MSU) global temperature anomaly data by For April 2008 has moved a tiny bit higher, with a value of .080°C for a change (∆T) of 0.001°C globally from March.

2008 1 -0.070
2008 2 -0.002
2008 3 0.079
2008 4 0.080